Degree Options

As a unit within the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, the History Department has designed its degree requirements in conformity with those of the Faculty, and applies these to the specific needs of the study of History. These regulations are intended to help the student attain a good balance of breadth of knowledge in a range of academic disciplines and among different fields within History, with depth of knowledge in the history of one of a few periods, cultural areas, or thematic fields.

In order to derive the most benefit from their study of History, students are encouraged to identify and declare their Major subject fairly early during their undergraduate careers, preferably before the end of the first year. This will help students maintain a clear focus in planning their courses, and not to meander and prolong their studies unnecessarily.  Students who turn to History in their second, third or fourth years are still welcome to do so, and are urged to seek the advice of the Director of Undergraduate Studies on how to plan their courses.

Degree Options in History

The History Department offers two main types of degree programs:

B.A in History

Honours Bachelor of Arts

(Honours B.A.) (120 credits)