History Help and Mentorship Centre

HistoryHelpandMentorshipPicThe History Help and Mentorship will not be operating during the 2020-2021 academic year.

The History Help and Mentorship Centre is a service provided by the History Department designed to assist undergraduates taking history courses at York University. The Centre is open for all students looking for additional assistance besides their regular Teaching Assistants. Graduate student mentors will provide individual and group seminars to help students in all aspects related to history and history courses: Reading, researching, and the writing process, organizing, analyzing and interpreting historical documents, and studying for exams. Students can also request help with specific course assignments. The History Help and Mentorship Centre is geared to help students improve their professional skillsets, and to mentor those interested in pursuing degrees or minors in History. Students must bring hard copies of the material they are working on. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a copy of their course syllabus with them during these meetings and  should come prepared to address specific questions related to their project.



In addition to drop-in sessions, The History Help and Mentorship Centre also provides group workshops for students to engage with the major themes related to history courses. Students are encouraged to actively participate in these workshops which will be held in the History Department.