Fall Courses in History - Method of Course Delivery


As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, the Department of History will be offering no in-person classes in the Fall term. Instead, when you go to register in our courses, you will see two options.


    • Online courses. All elements of these courses will be offered online without any fixed meeting time. You can do them at the time of your choosing (Asynchronously).
    • Remote courses. These courses will be delivered in real time via Zoom or other videoconferencing platform at the times indicated in the York Courses website (Synchronously):  https://w2prod.sis.yorku.ca/Apps/WebObjects/cdm. Some of these courses will have both real-time and non-real-time components. All real-time components will also be recorded and made available to students who could not attend. For more details, be sure to check our Current Course Information page: https://history.laps.yorku.ca/courses/course-information/

The status of Winter term courses has not yet been finalized. Courses for which a meeting time is indicated may meet in person if circumstances permit.

If you have any questions, write to Prof. Adrian Shubert, the Undergraduate Program Director: dushist@yorku.ca.

Please see below for more information about fall courses and how each course will be taught.  We will continuously update this site with the methods of delivery for other History courses as details become available.


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  • AP/HIST 1095 - Streetlife: The Culture and History of European Cities: Remotely, Synchronously and Asynchronously
  • AP/HIST 1180 - Making Money: Remotely and Asynchronously


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  • AP/HIST 1010 - War, Revolution and Society in the 20th Century: Fully Online
  • AP/HIST 1025 - Ancient North America from the Last Ice Age to European Contact: Fully Online
  • AP/HIST 1074 - The Chinese Body in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Medicine, Food and Footbinding: Remotely
  • AP/HIST 1080 - Growing Up in North America: Online with a synchronous option
  • AP/HIST 1083 - Mass Media and Popular Culture in the Americas, 1820-1980:  Fully Online


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  • AP/HIST 2100 - Ancient Greece and Rome: Online and Asynchronously
  • AP/HIST 2300 - Modern Europe: From the French Revolution to the European Union: Blended Fashion
  • AP/HIST 2500 - Canadian History:  Remotely in a Flexible Format
  • AP/HIST 2600 - United States History: Fully Online
  • AP/HIST 2710 - History of East Asia:  Asynchronously
  • AP/HIST 2900 - Global Indigenous Histories:  Fully Online


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  • AP/HIST 3130 - The Roman Revolution: Remotely, Synchronously
  • AP/HIST 3135 - Spectacle and Society in Ancient Rome: Fully Online
  • AP/HIST 3326 - Europe's Ottoman History: Fully Online
  • AP/HIST 3356 - A History of Greek Migration in the 20th Century: Fully Online
  • AP/HIST 3392 - The Spanish Civil War: Fully Online
  • AP/HIST 3520 - Quebec Since 1867: Fully Online
  • AP/HIST 3580 - 20th-Century Canada:  Mixed Remote - Asynchronously and Synchronously
  • AP/HIST 3618 - United States Since 1945: Online with a synchronous option
  • AP/HIST 3710 - Reconstructing Society in the Post Slavery Caribbean: Fully Online and Asynchronously
  • AP/HIST 3733 - The Spanish Conquest of Mexico: Remotely, Synchronously and Asynchronously
  • AP/HIST 3761 - Modern Japan: Meiji Restoration to Postwar Era (1868-Present): Asynchronously
  • AP/HIST 3838 - Social History of Modern Sport, 1850-2000: Remotely in a Flexible Format
  • AP/HIST 3843 - Occupation, Collaboration and Death: A Social and Military History of the Second World War to 1944: Online
  • AP/HIST 3850 - Murder and Other Crimes: Law and Justice in 19th and 20th Century North America: Remotely


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  • AP/HIST 4122 - War and Society in Ancient Greece: Online and Remotely
  • AP/HIST 4130 - Problems in Roman History: Remotely
  • AP/HIST 4200 - Culture and Society in Medieval Europe: Remotely, Synchronously
  • AP/HIST 4375 - Topics in Modern Greek History: Remotely in Real Time
  • AP/HIST 4508 - Cultures and Colonialism: Canada, 1600-1900: Remotely in Real Time (Synchronously)
  • AP/HIST 4511 - Themes in Canadian Social and Cultural History: Synchronously
  • AP/HIST 4581 - Worry and Wonder: Jewish Politics, Society and Religion in Canada: Remotely, with a mix of Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning