The Department of History is deeply concerned about the well-being of our undergraduate students during the current labour disruption. We include some information below that we hope will be helpful in answering student questions.

  1. The History Department of York University has written an open letter about the labour disruption which is available here:

  1. Course Suspensions:

Not all History Department Courses are suspended. Per Senate guidelines, individual course instructors have been asked to determine whether their courses will be suspended for the duration of the strike.

All courses taught by members of CUPE, or taught with Unit 1 Teaching Assistants (TAs), have been suspended for the duration of the strike.

For information on all other courses, please see the following link:

If you are unable to obtain information about your course, please contact your individual professor for updated information.

  1. Student Rights During a Labour Disruption:

Many of you are concerned about your rights during a labour disruption. Below is the section from the Senate Policies on labour disruptions that discusses fairness to students.

2.1 Academic Integrity

In the event of a Disruption, the primary obligation of Senate is to ensure the academic integrity of all programmes. No dilution of standards normally expected of students should be permitted and there should be as little diminution as possible in the instructional or supervisory support given to students.

2.2 Fairness to Students

2.2.1 Students who do not participate in academic activities because:

  1. a) They are unable to do so owing to a Disruption, or
  2. b) They choose not to participate in academic activities owing to a strike or lock-out on campus

are entitled to immunity from penalty, to reasonable alternative access to materials covered in their absence, to reasonable extensions of deadlines and to such other remedy as Senate deems necessary and consistent with the principle of academic integrity.

2.2.2 Such remedies shall not alter the academic standards associated with the missed activity, nor shall it relieve the student of the responsibility for mastering materials covered.

2.2.3 The availability of a remedy under this policy does not guarantee students the same learning experience that they would have received in the absence of a Disruption.

2.3 Timely Information

Students, staff and faculty have a right to be informed in a timely manner of changed requirements, rescheduled academic activities, and procedures to be in effect at the conclusion of the Disruption.

If you wish to consult the entire policy document, it is available here:

  1. Contact information

The phone number for the Department of History is 416-736-5123

The Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Deborah Neill, will continue to hold office hours during the strike. Please consult the advising page at to see the schedule of drop-in hours.

If students do not wish to cross the picket line but require advising, Prof. Neill’s extension and contact information are below.

The Chair of the History Department, Prof. Thabit Abdullah, is also available if students require immediate assistance. He can be reached at the contact information provided below.

Prof Neill, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of History:

Prof Abdullah, Chair, Department of History: