How do I apply to the history program?
Students must apply directly through the Admissions Department at York University.  The History Department does not process applications.  Application information can be found here: http://futurestudents.yorku.ca/program/history/laps

How do I make an appointment with an advisor?
Our Undergraduate Director is available weekly to speak with students on a first-come, first-served basis (no appointments required).  Check here for advising hours:
Please note hours can change week to week. Please check the website the morning before you plan on coming to see if hours have changed.

I need help writing

Where can I find a list of courses?

All of our program information is on our website but unfortunately, we don't have any hard copies of the information. You can find a listing of courses and some videos which showcase some of our courses at: http://history.laps.yorku.ca/courses/course-information/
Just click on the 1000-level etc. to find a listing of courses.

We are a very active, vibrant department with exceptional faculty that care about students. We do have advising if you are able to take a little bit of time off to come in one day to speak to our Undergraduate Director. Hours are listed here and updated weekly: http://history.laps.yorku.ca/students/advising/

We do offer some online courses. For instance, this summer we are offering five. However, in our faculty, part of the requirements include taking courses in other departments. I attach the requirements for completing our BA.
Admissions are handled through the Admissions office, not directly through us. The information can be found here: http://futurestudents.yorku.ca/program/history/laps

Please let me know if you have any further questions.