2000 Level Courses

AP/HIST 2100 6.0A: Ancient Greece & Rome

(Crosslisted to: AP/CLST 2100 6.00)

Course Directors:
Fall Term: R. Wei, ryanwei@yorku.ca
Winter Term: J. Edmondson, 2178 Vari Hall, (416)736-2100 x30417, jedmond@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description: A study of the Greek and Roman world, with particular emphasis on its social, economic and intellectual history, using primary sources archaeological, epigraphic and literary wherever possible.

Expanded Course Description:
The aim of this course is to introduce students to the historical development and political circumstances of the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds.  Besides just the historical narrative, students will also be exposed to the society and culture of the two civilizations, with specific emphasis on such topics as women and gender, slavery, sport and entertainment, religion, and economy.  The course will also help students develop important skills of critical reading and analysis, by utilizing a wide range of primary source material, including literary, epigraphic, artistic and material evidence, as well as scholarly studies on key subjects.

The course is divided into two halves.  The Fall Term explores Greek civilization from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic Kingdoms that flourished after the death of Alexander the Great, with a special focus on Archaic and Classical Athens.  The Winter Term is devoted to Roman history, covering the development of early Rome and its neighbours, the Roman Republic, the Principate, and the Later Roman Empire, with a special focus on the fall of the Roman Republic and the early Roman Empire or Principate, when successive emperors worked to develop a new system of rule to control a vast, multicultural Empire.

Tentative Grade Breakdown/Overview of Assessment:

Online Academic Integrity Tutorial: 0% (ungraded)
2 In-class essays: 20% (10% each)
2 Take-home essays: 30% (15% each)
2 Examinations: 30% (15% each)
Participation: 10%
Quizzes: 10%

NOTE: Prior to buying textbooks, students should consult the detailed course outline which will give the final versions of the weekly syllabus and the detailed breakdown of assignments with weighting and due dates.  The course outline will be posted in Moodle and discussed on the first day of class.

AP/HIST 2150 6.0A: Classical Greek and Roman Archaeology: An Introduction

(Crosslisted to: AP/CLST 2150 6.00)

Course Director: TBA

Course Calendar Description: The course provides an introduction to the history, theory and methodology of Classical Greek and Roman Archaeology. It examines key archaeological excavations in the Graeco-Roman world to explore the history of Greek and Roman archaeology, circa 1700 to the present. Introducing students to the formation processes of the archaeological record, it also examines modern archaeological methodology, theory and recording techniques.

AP/HIST 2220 6.0A: Medieval & Early Modern Europe

Course Director: M. Schotte, 2138 Vari Hall, (416)736-2100 x30418 , mschotte@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description: This course surveys the economic, political, social and cultural evolution of Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire to the 17th century. Course credit exclusions: GL/HIST 2600 6.00 (prior to Fall 2014), GL/HIST 3225 3.00.

Expanded Course Description:
This course surveys the history of Europe from the 11th to the 17th century, beginning and ending with an examination of the state of the world and Europe’s place in it in 1000 and 1700 respectively. In between, we will concentrate on six themes: 1) religious structures and beliefs; 2) expansion and conquest; 3) intellectual life and artistic expression; 4) statecraft, war and politics; 5) gender relationships and daily life; 6) economics and the environment.  In lectures, we will work our way from monasticism to Martin Luther, from the Crusades to Cortés, from the beginnings of the universities to the beginnings of the Scientific Revolution, and from medieval lordship to absolute monarchies.

Heures de Notre-Dame (Bruges, ca. 1470), Image: Irish College in Paris, wdl.org

Special Features: By the close of the course, students will have gained a solid introduction to the major facts, forces, and figures of this blood-soaked and often brutish period in European history. We will explore the famous stories of the period: the landing of the Vikings in North America, the launch of the First Crusade, the building of Gothic cathedrals, the terrifying scythe of the Black Death, the glories of Renaissance art, the sailing of Columbus, the quarrels of the Reformation, the astronomies of Galileo and Newton, and so much more. Students will draw upon primary source texts to write two short essays, and visit the Rare Book Archives for a hands-on workshop devoted to medieval manuscripts and early printing.

Tentative Grade Breakdown/Overview of Assessment:

3 in-class exams: (10%, 15%, 15%)
Final Exam: (20%)
2 short Essays: (10% each)
Tutorial Participation: (20%)

NOTE: Prior to buying textbooks, students should consult the detailed course outline which will give the final versions of the weekly syllabus and the detailed breakdown of assignments with weighting and due dates.  The course outline will be posted in Moodle and discussed on the first day of class.

AP/HIST 2300 6.0A: Modern Europe: From the French Revolution to the European Union

Course Directors:
A. Gekas, 2120 Vari Hall, (416)736-2100 x30423, agekas@yorku.ca
A. Shubert, 2160 Vari Hall, (416)736-2100 x30431, adriansh@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description: An introduction to the development of modern Europe from the emergence of the seaborne empires to the First World War. Each week, there will be two lectures on aspects of European society, politics and intellectual life during the past three centuries. Course credit exclusions: GL/HIST 2905 6.00, GL/HUMA 2905 6.00, GL/SOSC 2905 6.00.

PRIOR TO FALL 2009: Course credit exclusions: AK/HIST 2520 6.00, AS/HIST 2300 6.00, GL/HIST 2905 6.00, GL/HUMA 2905 6.00, GL/SOSC 2905 6.00.


AP/HIST 2500 6.0A: Canadian History

Course Director: W. Wicken, 2192 Vari Hall, (416)736-2100 x66963, wwicken@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description: From the arrival of its first human inhabitants tens of thousands of years ago to its increasingly globalized contemporary population, Canada has undergone numerous transformations. This course will examine the history of Canada from its earliest times to the present focusing of key transformations in the country's environmental, social, political, economic and cultural history. This survey of the nation-state from coast to coast to coast will introduce students to the main themes in Canadian history. It will trace broad changes over time and the consequences of colonization, ecological transformation, the development of an industrial capitalist economy, the emergence of the Canadian state, the role of global imperialism, urbanization, and Canada's changing position in international politics. In a country that is in the midst of tremendous change this course will help students understand the transformations of the past and the roots of our present circumstances.

AP/HIST 2600 6.0A: United States History

Course Director:  B. Cothran, 2132 Vari Hall, (416)736-2100 x66959, cothran@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description: An overview of the United States from pre-colonization to the present. First term examines Native/European encounters, American Revolution, slavery, westward expansion, and Civil War. Second term traces the rise of the US. as an economic and military superpower, and the struggle for civil rights. Themes include race, immigration, religion, federal power, gender and the impact of social movements. PRIOR TO FALL 2014: Course credit exclusion: GL/HIST 2570 6.00.

AP/HIST 2721 3.0A (FALL): Introduction to Latin American History

Course Director:  A. Rubenstein, 818 Kaneff Tower, (416)736-2100 x66961, arubenst@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description: Introduces students to Latin America as an area of historical study. It provides a broad outline of major themes in Latin American history from the conquest era to the present day (15th-21st centuries) and an introduction to some of the key concepts and issues in the historiography. Course credit exclusion: AP/HIST 2720 6.00.

AP/HIST 2731 3.0M (WINTER - ONLINE): Introduction to Caribbean History

Course Director: D. Trotman, 326 Founders College, (416)736-2100 x33192, dtrotman@yorku.ca

Special Features: This is an online course.

Course Calendar Description:
Introduces students to some of the major themes of Caribbean historical evolution from its indigenous occupation to 20th century socio-political developments. The emphasis is on providing a broad outline and an introduction to some of the key concepts and issues in the historiography of the Caribbean. Course credit exclusion: AP/HIST 2730 6.00.

AP/HIST 2750 6.0A: African History, from 1800 to the Present

Course Director: P. Lovejoy, 329 York Lanes, (416)736-2100 x66917, plovejoy@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description: The history of the African continent from 1800 to the present, concentrating on such major themes as political and economic change in pre-colonial African states, the impact of colonial rule and the emergence of modern nationalism.

AP/HIST 2790 6.0A: Islamic Civilization, 622-1400

Course Director: T. Abdullah, 2158 Vari Hall, (416)736-2100 x30412, athabit@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description:
This course explores the development and nature of Islamic civilization from the seventh century to 1400 AD.