York University has one of the largest and most distinguished History Departments on the North American continent. With nearly 50 full-time professors, complemented with a number of part-time instructors as well as teaching assistants, we offer a broader range of undergraduate History courses than most other universities across Canada or USA.

History Courses

Our first-year courses are designed as a foundation for History Majors and Minors. Combining lectures and tutorials, they introduce beginning students to the fundamental methods of historical investigation: the collection and analysis of evidence, the development and presentation of historical arguments, and the preparation of essays and research papers.  While content varies, these courses investigate major historical issues, most of which cross traditional chronological and geographic fields

We in the History Department believe that our 1000-level courses provide a uniquely rigorous training for our first year students and prepare well them for university work in History as well as for their future careers in academic and many other endeavours.

Our 2000-level courses are introductory surveys of chronological and geographical fields within History.

Our 3000-level courses go more deeply in each field, while the 4000-level courses are advanced classes with strictly limited enrolment, which focus on the professional literature and on student research in specialized subjects.