Travelling T-Shirt Contest



Travelling T-Shirt Contest Entries - Where will your t-shirt take you?


The winners are....

Congratulations to everyone who entered!  We can't wait for the 2020 contest!



Karen Dancy - "Staycation" Mystery Location

Boyd Cothran and Adrian Shubert, Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaMarcel Martel, BordeauxBoyd Cothran, Bettina Bradbury, Marcel Martel

Sean Kheraj


Jose Curto, Toronto

Tom Cohen, RomeMolly Ladd-Taylor, Anne Rubenstein, Michele Johnson

Michele Johnson and Molly Ladd-Taylor

Michele Johnson, Anne Rubenstein, Molly Ladd-Taylor, Andrea Davis

Sean Kheraj and Richard Hoffmann

Carl Ehrlich, Mount Zion, Tomb of King David

Rachel Koopmans