Inhabited Pedagogies: Reports from the Field. Read the blog about Tom Cohen's workshop; chaired by David Koffman

Source:  Teaching Commons @ York - Blog 117

Inhabited Pedagogies: Reports from the Field

By Lisa Endersby and Natasha May

On March 14, 2019, three colleagues from the Teaching Commons attended a session titled Inhabited Pedagogy: A Cross-Disciplinary Teaching Workshop. This session was an opportunity to learn more about the various ways that faculty and graduate students in LA&PS and beyond are exploring the benefits and boundaries of experiential education in the classroom. The agenda featured several presentations that showcased how students could engage with a variety of topics across a diverse set of teaching and learning strategies. Much of the discussion was informed by a research-oriented approach to understanding how, when, and where students can engage deeply with our content through and by experience. These experiences may help our students to more deeply or fully inhabit the pedagogies, practices, and knowledge that we teach – instead of relying only on a surface or transactional study of the course material, these discussions invited participants to deeply engage with the what, why, and when of teaching and learning.