Congratulations to Paul Lovejoy on "Laços Atlânticos: África e africanos durante a era do comércio transatlântico de escravos"


Congratulations to Paul Lovejoy on his new book:

Laços Atlânticos: África e africanos durante a era do comércio transatlântico de escravos: Atlantic Ties:Africa and Africans during the era of the transatlantic slave trade

edited by Carlos Liberato, Mariana P. Candido, Paul Lovejoy and Renée Soulodre-La France

The book is a collection of essays by the editors, Alberto da Costa e Silva, Rosa Cruz e Silva, Manolo Florentino, Susan Herlin, José Capela, James Sweet, Jane Landers, Elisée Soumonni, Robin Law that examine aspects of the slave trade that pertain to the relationship between Africa and Portugal and Brazil. The essays focus on the textile trade from the Cape Verde Islands to West Africa, the relations between the port of Benguela and its interior, the merchants of Benguela, the trade in enslaved Africans at Rio de Janeiro, 1790-1830, the trade with Brazil from the Kingdom of Kongo, 1840-1870, the trade to Brazil from Mozambique, the religious influence of west central Africa on Brail in the 17th century, fugitive slave settlements in Spanish America, the introduction of new products such as kola nuts into Nova Granada in the 17th century, the return of Africans from Brazil to modern Benin and Nigeria, the career of the notorious Brazilian slave trader, Franciso Felix de Souza in West Africa, and the life of Catherine Mulgrave-Zimmermann, who was enslaved in Luanda but eventually became a teacher at Accra in what is now Ghana.