Congratulations to Adrian Shubert on his new book, "Nueva historia de la España contemporánea (1808-2018)"



Congratulations to Adrian Shubert on his new book:

Nueva historia de la España contemporánea (1808-2018)
edited by José Álvarez Junco and Adrian Shubert

This is a new history of modern Spain, presented in all its political and cultural diversity. The volume is structured along three interconnecting axes. The first part consists of seven chronologically-defined chapters which recount the basic historical narrative. This is followed by a second, more analytical, section comprising thirteen chapters on specific themes which cover the entire period between 1808 and 2018: the economy, nationalisms, gender, ways of life, empire and colonies, culture, intellectual life, social movements, migrations, religion, the State, the military and war, and the politics of memory and transitional justice. The third part consists of fifteen biographical sketches of representative cultural and political figures. These bring a human dimension to the story, adding examples illustrating the questions discussed earlier with new levels of detail, nuance and complexity.


Nueva historia de la España contemporánea (1808-2018)All recognized specialists in their field, the authors come from  from a number of countries: Spain, Canada, Great Britain, the United States, France and Israel. They do not belong to any single historigraphical school nor, of course do they share they same political orientation; they represent great diversity of intellectual formation, experiences and points of view. Thanks to this three-part structure and the choice of such diverse authors, the book offers an innovative and unusually rich and nuanced version of a fascinating and complex national history that was also always European and global.