Congratulations to Adrian Shubert on his new book: “The History of Modern Spain: Chronologies, Themes, Individuals”

Dear Colleagues:

As the world around us continues to suffer from various crises, this department keeps producing excellence.  Our colleague Adrian Shubert, with Jose Alvarez Junco, has recently published a new book entitled The History of Modern Spain: Chronologies, Themes, Individuals (Bloomsbury Academic, 2018).  Please join me in congratulating Adrian on yet another lovely book. 


A brief description of the book:

The History of Modern Spain is a comprehensive examination of Spain's history from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day. Bringing together an impressive group of leading figures and emerging scholars in the field from the UK, Canada, the United States, Spain and other European countries, the book innovatively combines a strong and clear political narrative with chapters exploring a wide range of thematic topics, such as gender, family and sexuality, nations and nationalism, empire, environment, religion, migrations and Spain in world history. The volume includes a series of biographical sketches of influential Spaniards from intellectual, cultural, economic and political spheres which provides an interesting, alternative way into understanding the last 220 years of Spanish history. The History of Modern Spain also has a glossary, a chronology and a further reading list. This is essential reading for all students of the modern history of Spain.