Bruno Véras, York PhD candidate earns international award for racial equity project

YFile Article - March 7, 2017

York University PhD candidate Bruno Véras has earned the Antonieta de Barros Award for the promotion of racial and gender equity in Brazil.

The award recognizes 30 initiatives or communication projects promoting racial equality and overcoming racism.

Véras is a grad student in the Department of History, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS), and was the director of the project “África Aparece: Linguagem, Ensino Debates sobre a Cultura Afro-Brasileira” (Africa displayed: Language, Education and Debates on the Afro-Brazilian Culture).

In recognition of the successful impact it had on the community, the project won R$ 20,000 (reais) from the Secretariat for the promotion of racial equality (Ministry of Women, Racial Equality & Human Rights).  READ MORE