Craig Heron - Recipient of the 2017 CAUT Distinguished Academic Award

Dear historians,

I'm sure you will all be as thrilled as I am to hear that our colleague Craig Heron has just heard that he will receive the 2017 CAUT Distinguished Academic Award next May.

Here is an extract from the recommendation of the CAUT Award Committee, which has now been accepted by CAUT Council:

The CAUT Distinguished Academic Award recognizes academics who excel in each of the domains of academic life: teaching, research, and service to the institution and the community. The recipients are individuals whose teaching, research, and service have contributed noticeably to the lives of their students, to their institution, to their field of study, and to our communities.

On behalf of this year’s selection jury, it is my pleasure to recommend that the 2017 CAUT
Distinguished Academic Award be presented to Dr. Craig Heron of the Department of History at York University. Dr. Heron is an award-winning highly respected historian who has made vast contributions in the area of working class history in Canada. He has published numerous books, is the winner of several literary and teaching awards, is a mentor to his undergrad students and those at a graduate level, and has made contributions to the wider community serving as a volunteer for numerous local, regional and national initiatives.

The full text of the committee's report is available at:

This is a marvellous recognition of Craig's multiple contributions over many years not just through his award-winning scholarship on Canadian working class history, but also through his committed teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels and in his extensive service contributions - both within York University and in a wide variety of organizations at the Toronto, Ontario and national levels.

On behalf of the entire Department, Craig, many congratulations.  We're looking forward to your receiving the award this coming May.

All best wishes,   Jonathan