Several Prestigious Awards go to Members of the History Department

Several members of the department and the graduate program received prestigious awards at the CHA Annual Prize Ceremonies that were held on May 31.

The Public History Group of the Canadian Historical Associate awarded the Public History Award to "The award recognizes work that achieves high standards of original research, scholarship, and presentation; brings an innovative public history contribution to its audience; and serves as a model for future work, advancing the field of public history in Canada".

Francesca D’Amico, doctoral student, received the CHA Journal Prize awarded every year for the best essay published each year in the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Professor Craig Heron, received a Clio Award for his book on Hamilton. "The Ontario Clio Award is given for meritorious publications or for exceptional contributions by individuals or organizations to regional history".

Dan Ross, doctoral student, received the Jean-Marie Fecteau Prize. "The prize is awarded for the best article published in a peer-reviewed journal (including peer-reviewed student journals) by a PhD of MA-level student, in French or in English."

Professor Alexia Yates, received the Wallace K. Ferguson Prize for her book on Paris. The Ferguson prize "recognises the outstanding scholarly book in a field of history other than Canadian history".

Congratulations to the members of the History Department!