In commemoration of Prof. Myra Rutherdale: conference paper now online

Dear colleagues in History,

It is more than one year since we lost our colleague, Prof. Myra Rutherdale.
Since then, PhD student Erin Dolmage and Prof. Carolyn Podruchny have expanded and published a conference paper that Myra had given in Israel before she passed. They have published it in Active History for the anniversary of her death.

The paper is “Bodies of Water, Not Bodies of Women: Canadian Media Images of the Idle No More Movement”:

The Authors note is as follows:

This article is a commemoration of the late Myra Rutherdale, Associate Professor of History at York University, who presented a version of this essay at a Canadian Studies conference in Jerusalem in the spring of 2013. Her graduate student Erin Dolmage and colleague Carolyn Podruchny extended and completed the essay to honour Myra's dedication to scholarship and social justice. Erin and Carolyn thank Robert Rutherdale and members of the History of Indigenous Peoples (HIP) Network at York for their helpful feedback.