Adrian Shubert is awarded a Killam Research Fellowship

Dear members of the History Department,

Our colleague Adrian Shubert is one of 6 scholars who are awarded prestigious Killam Research Fellowships. This prestigious program is administered by the Canada Council (

Here’s a description of Adrian’s research project:

“Historian Adrian Shubert is writing about the life and times of a major Spanish military and political figure in the biography The General of Two Worlds: Baldomero Espartero, Empire, Nation and Liberalism in Spain and Latin America, 1793-1879. This will be the first biography of Baldomero Espartero written since 1949 and the first to be based on his private papers. Adrian Shubert will tell the story of important historical events such as the French Revolution, the Independence of the Spanish empire in mainland Latin America, Spain’s turbulent transition from absolute to constitutional monarchy through the lens of the life of a figure worthy of a novel by Stendhal or Gabriel Garcia Marquez.”

The Killam Prize presentation ceremony will be held at Rideau Hall on May 12.

On behalf of the Department of History, Adrian, many congratulations!