Congratulations to Jonathan Edmondson on his new book


Dear members of the department,

I am sure that you will want to join me in congratulating our colleague and former chair Jonathan Edmondson on the publication of his latest book. The Oxford Handbook of Roman Epigraphy (edited with Christer Bruun, Oxford University Press, 2014).

Here's a brief description of the volume:
Epigraphy, or the study of inscriptions, is critical for anyone seeking to understand the Roman world, whether they regard themselves as literary scholars, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, religious scholars or work in a field that touches on the Roman world from c. 500 BCE to 500 CE and beyond. The Oxford Handbook of Roman Epigraphy is the fullest collection of scholarship on the study and history of Latin epigraphy produced to date. Rather that just a collection of inscriptions, however, this volume seeks to show why inscriptions matter and demonstrate to classicists and ancient historians how to work with the sources. To that end, the 35 chapters, written by senior and rising scholars in Roman history, classics, and epigraphy, cover everything from typograph to the importance of inscriptions for understanding many aspects of Roman culture, from Roman public life, to slavery, to the roles and lives of women, to the military, and to life in the provinces. Students and scholars alike will find the Handbook a critical tool for expanding their knowledge of the Roman world.

You will find much more details on the OUP website: OR

On behalf of the Department of History, Jonathan, many congratulations!