York history faculty and students @ the Berks

The Sixteenth Berkshire Conference on the History of Women will be held in Toronto on May 22 – 25, 2014. Register now!

YorkU Faculty and students @ the conference:


  • Bettina Bradbury, "From Collective Genealogy to the Intersections of Law and Individuals' Family Histories."
  • Stephen Brooke, “Feminism, Class and Sexuality in the Work of the Greater London Council's Women's Committee, 1982 to 1985."
  • Elizabeth S. Cohen, “On Natalie Davis As a Mentor” (check title)
  • Michele Johnson, "'Me Get Prignant an Me Leave': Pregnancy and Motherhood in Domestic Service in Jamaica, 1920-1970."
  • Joan Judge, "At The Journal’s Edge: Text, Image, and Audience in China’s Early 20th-Century Women’s Press."
  • Anne Rubenstein, "Now Playing at the Cine Teresa: Gay Male Sexuality and Community in Mexico City Movie Theaters after 1970."

Graduate Students, Contract Faculty, and Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Funke Aladejebi, "“I Personally Wasted a Lot of Time with Feminism”: Black Women Teachers in Ontario and the Women’s Liberation Movement, 1960s- 1980s."
  • Hayley Andrew,"Conceiving the ‘Test Tube Baby’: Representations of Reproductive Technologies in the Postwar Media and Popular Culture."
  • Katharine Bausch, "'And They Are Outraged': White Student Organizing and Black Masculinities."
  • Ashlee Dawn Bligh, "Healing Arts as Social Capital: The Paston Women of 15th-Century England."
  • Denise Challenger, "Representations of Cholera-Infected Bodies and Communities in Barbados, 1854."
  • John Christopoulos, "Sensing Miscarriage in Early Modern Italy."
  • Francesca D'Amico, "'Evil That Men Do': The Black Femcee Response to the Masculinist Ethos of Rap Music."
  • Victoria Freeman, "Circles of Influence: Toronto as a Hub of Women's Activism."
  • Pamela Fuentes, "'The Shameful Madams Affaire': Brothel-Keepers and their Struggle against the Revolutionary State, Mexico City, 1940-1945."
  • Angela Hug, "Body Politics: Tyranny and Fertility in Ancient Rome."
  • Sara Howdle, "Gender and Industrialization in Early 19th-Century Lower Canada: Kahnawá:ke and the Historical Development of Indian Status."
  • Kato A. Perdue, "Writing Desire: Love Letters and Lesbian Subjectivity."
  • Karlee Sapoznik, "Forced Marriage and the Law in Canada: To Criminalize or Not To Criminalize?."
  • Samira Saramo, "Family, Community and Grief in Letter and Memoir Narratives from North American Finnish Women in Soviet Karelia."
  • Nathan Wilson, "'Nazi Anyone?' Gay Racialists and White Power Movements."
  • Brittany Luby, "Carnation Cans and Public (Re)education Programs: An Examination of Anishinabek Mothers’ Responses to Hydroelectric Flooding, 1900-1975."

Non-LA&PS Faculty in the Graduate Program in History

  • Megan J. Davies, "The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: A Collaborative Documentary Project," York University
  • Suzanne Langlois, "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: a Visual Challenge, 1948-1949."
  • Geoffrey Reaume, "Gender and the Value of Work in Canadian Disability History."
  • Ann Shteir, "Clio Meets Flora: Women Botanical Collectors in Early 19th-Century British North America."

Other York Students and Faculty

  • Yukari Takai, "Men (and Women) Who Cooked and Cleaned: Japanese Immigrant Hotels in the Transpacific World."
  • Karen Stanworth, "Public Sins/Private Desires: Tracing Lesbian Lives in the Archives, 1950-1980."
  • Rebecca Hall "Colonial Impositions into the 20th-Century North: The Canadian State and the Private Lives of Indigenous Women."
  • Cynthia Wright "Cuba, Canada, and Cold War Feminism Before and After Cuban Women Now."
  • Honor Ford-Smith "At the Crossroads of Memory, Place and Desire: Repertoires of Knowledge, the Sacred and Political Economy in the Work of Jacqui Alexander."
  • Luann Good Gingrich and Kerry Fast "Mennonite Women at Home on the Edge? A Consideration of Counter-Cultural and Religious Dispositions."
  • Tamara O. de Szegheo Lang "Captivating Objects: Affect in the Queer Museum/Archive."
  • Caitlin McKinney "Why We Make Jokes About Lesbian Feminism: Humour as Generational Encounter in the Archive."
  • Hulya Arik "Piety, Subjectivity, and Embodied Resistances: Experiences of 'Religious' and 'Secularist' Women in Turkish Military Families."
  • Nadia Z. Hasan "Diasporic Re-Configurations: Biddat, Shirk, and National Imaginaries."
  • Roshan A. Jahangeer "Negotiating Between Religious and Secular Legal Orders: French Muslim Women and State Law."
  • Kaushalya Banerjee "Rehumanizing the Caribbean: The Microhistories of Gloria Rolando."
  • Ann Hutchison, "The Song of Angels: The Nuns of Syon Abbey Perform Their Office." York University, Glendon College.
  • Emily Rosser, "Killjoys Historicise: Scrutinising Feminist Legalism and the Sexual Violence Success Story."
  • Mary Jane Mossman "Gender and Professionalization Projects: Rethinking Stories of Early Women Lawyers."
  • Shelley Gavigan "Not Taking a Break from Feminism: Reflections on Criminal Law on the Aboriginal Plains."
  • Jinthana Haritaworn "Against Nostalgia for Murderous Times and Places."
  • Zoe Newman "'Clean Up Yonge Street': The Death and Exploitation of Emanuel Jaques, 1977."
  • Toby Wiggins "As They Pass Over the Record of My Strange Destiny': Lucy Ann/Joseph Israel Lobdell and the Historical Construction of Gender Nonconformance."
  • Doris Sung "Redefining Female Talents: Women's Eastern Times, Ladies' Journal, and the Development of 'Women's Art' in China."
  • Annie Bunting "Oral Histories of Enslavement for Marriage in Times of War."
  • Ester Reiter "Peaceniks and Reds: Canadian Jewish Women and the Silencing of Dissent."
  • Carlota McAllister "Human Rights Are Us': Gendering the Post-Revolutionary Subject in the Aftermath of Guatemala's Genocide."
  • Danielle Cooper "In and Out of the Academy: The Pride Library at the University of Western Ontario."
  • Jacinthe Michaud "Italian and Québec Feminisms in Synergy with the New Left: the 60s and the 70s Revisited."