Congratulations to our undergraduate history essay award winners!

The Undergraduate Awards Committee for 2012-13 is pleased to announce the winners of the following awards:

The Desmond Hart Memorial Awards

1000-level – Edwin Archbold: ‘ “I am somebody”: Pepys and his Naval Reforms’ (HIST 1015: Tom Cohen)

2000-level – Shimshon Dukesz: ‘Southern Misconceptions and the Civil War’ (HIST 2600: Marc Egnal; TA: Mark Dorsey)

3000-level – David Artemiw: ‘No Way Out: The Eurocommunists’ (HIST 3395: Donald Wileman)

4000-level (two awards) – Elanna Segal: ‘Ancient Diplomacy: A Tentative Examination of Israelite Foreign Relations Between 705-605 BCE’ (HIST 4100: Maynard Maidman)

Leah Bernardo-Ciddio: ‘Gabii and its Environs in Roman Legend and History’ (HIST 4990: Jaclyn Neel)

The Peter Knights Memorial Prize in US History

David Pope: ‘The Bakke Decision and its Impact on Affirmative Action Law’ (HIST 4061: Jerry Ginsberg)

The Harry S. Crowe Memorial Prize

David Max: ‘From Tool to Defining Symbol: Guns as Popular Culture Icons of the American West’ (HIST 4699: Boyd Cothran)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank colleagues who nominated essays for these awards. I also extend special thanks to Patricia Di Benigno, who received and organized the submissions with her characteristic precision and efficiency.

With best wishes,
Ben Kelly