Would you like to contribute to The HPS Journal?


Each year students strive to perfect their essays or term papers - pouring countless hours into attaining that sought after ‘A’ grade - only to have it collect dust once it’s handed back. Why not have your hard work published for fellow York students to read and learn from?
The HPS Journal is a student led initiative devoted to helping undergraduate students showcase their prized essays in our peer-reviewed academic journal. Our aim is twofold: first, to get student’s work published, and secondly to help future students grasp the standards of quality essay writing by referencing the work of their peers.

We are currently seeking history and political science submissions for our 2012-13 issue, so be sure to turn in your best essay before the February 1st deadline. Also note that even if your essay is less than perfect, our volunteer editors will provide feedback and work with you to make improvements if necessary. For complete instructions for submitting your essay, or if you wish to become a HPS Journal editor, please contact: hpsjournal@hotmail.com

On behalf of the HPS Journal and our host student clubs, we wish you the best of luck in your courses and continuing academic careers. We also look forward to reviewing and publishing your work!

Regards – The HPS Journal