Admission to 4000-level History Courses

There is a new system for enrolling in 4000-level history courses!

Beginning FW 2012-13, History Majors and Minors can use the online enrolment system to register for 4000-level courses. IF you have successfully completed at least 84 credits and the course(s) listed in the calendar as prerequisites for the desired course.

If you want to take a 4000-level history course but do not meet the specific requirements for online enrolment, or if you are unable to enrol for any other reason, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for permission.

The new enrolment procedures apply to both seminars and colloquia.

Please remember:  All History Honours Majors must take at least two 4000-level history courses, one of which must be a seminar. Specialized Honours History Majors must take three 4000-level history courses.  Two of these must be seminars, and one of the three courses must deal with history outside the U.S. and Canada.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have completed the requirements for your Major!