Sean Kheraj in the media regarding his article on recent oil pipeline spills in Alberta

Sean Kheraj  recently published an article about the recent history of oil pipeline spills in Alberta on and his own research website:

That article got picked up by 660 News Calgary when the Plains Midstream Canada pipeline ruptured and leaked 3,000 barrels of oil into the Red Deer River. Sean was interviewed on June 8th:

Stephen Hume columnist and former editor of the Vancouver Sun also picked up on his research.

He was then interviewed by Canadian Press for an article that appeared in several news outlets in the last couple of weeks, including the Financial Post:

He was then interviewed for this article in the Calgary Herald.

Y-File published a couple of short stories about this in the "York in the Media" section:

Congratulations to Prof. Kherajfor being at the forefront of scholarship and media coverage about this crucial issue for the Canadian environment.