Dr. Jaclyn Neel joins the Department of History

The Department of History is delighted to announce that Dr. Jaclyn Neel, who has recently completed her Ph.D. in Classics at the University of Toronto, has accepted York's offer of a one-year CLA appointment in Ancient History and Classics in the Departments of History and Humanities.  Her doctoral dissertation was on “Creative history, political reality: imagining monarchy in the Roman Republic” and her ongoing research centres on the representation of early Rome in later Roman literature, history, and art. She has an article forthcoming on “Diodorus, Deuteronomy, and Egyptian Agriculture” in the important journal Vetus Testamentum.

In 2012-13 Dr Neel will be teaching HIST 3160 6.0, Women and Gender in Ancient Greece and Rome; HIST 4010 6.0, Colloquium in Ancient Greek and/or Roman History; and LA 2000 6.0, Intermediate Latin.

The Department would like to thank the members of the search committee (Sarah Blake [Humanities representative], Ben Kelly, Rachel Koopmans, Jeremy Trevett and Andrew Watson) for their hard work and professionalism in bringing the search to a successful conclusion, and to Jeremy for his excellent chairing of the committee. The Department owes a huge debt of gratitude too to the Department staff, especially Lisa Hoffmann and Dharshi Sivanathan, who worked so hard on the search.