GHP student gets tenure-track job at Texas A & M

The History department is delighted to announce that GHP student Alia Paroo has won a tenure-track position in the History Department at Texas A&M International University (Laredo, Texas) in African and Islamic History. Last week, she defended her doctoral dissertation "Aga Khan III and the British Empire: The Ismalis in Tanganyika, 1920-1957," supervised by Professor Paul Lovejoy. Her innovative and important study uncovers the little known history of an Ismali community in East African, focussing specifically on how the colonial policies negotiated with Britain shaped the lives of women and children. Professor Paroo started teaching at Texas A&M in September, and her position converted to tenure-track upon her successful doctoral defense. She is teaching courses on African History, Islamic History, World Civilizations, and a graduate class on Women in the Developing World.