Joan Judge publishes "Beyond Exemplar Tales: Women's Biography in Chinese History"

Department of History congratulates Joan Judge, on the appearance of her latest book. Beyond Exemplar Tales: Women's Biography in Chinese History, a volume of essays that Joan co-edited with Ying Hu (Univ. of California at Irvine), has recently appeared from the University of California Press (446 pp.).

This is how the press describe the volume:

This volume develops new strategies for reading, contextualizing, and interpreting the long Chinese tradition of women's biography. Drawing upon a vast array of sources - from formal biography to poetry, letters, and oral interviews - the authors examine how women's biography served particular cultural, political, and world-making projects, and how it illuminates these projects in new ways by highlighting tensions within and between them.

For further details, and a photo of the cover, see

Warmest congratulations, Joan, on the appearance of this volume!