Jeremy Trevett publishes Demosthenes' deliberative speeches (Speeches 1-17)

This is proving quite a bumper end of the year for members of the History Department. The Department wish to congratulate Jeremy Trevett (who is also currently Coordinator of Classical Studies) on his latest book: a translation, with detailed introductions and notes, of Demosthenes' deliberative speeches (Speeches 1-17), most of which were delivered in the Athenian assembly at a time when Athens was trying to decide how to face up to the threat of King Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander. It appears in the series The Oratory of Classical Greece, edited by Michael Gagarin and published (in both hardback and paperback) by the University of Texas Press.

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The Department is also grateful for the copy that Jeremy has so kindly donated. Please feel free to come and consult it in the Chair's office (2140C Vari Hall).

On behalf of the Department, Jeremy, many congratulations.