José Curto wins a SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Department of History congratulates José Curto on the recent news that he has won a SSHRC Insight Development Grant of $60,000 for 2011-13 in the initial competition following the recent reorganization of SSHRC funding programmes.

The grant will support a project entitled "Taking Graduate Students to the Archives: From Lisbon to Benguela", which is designed to introduce York Graduate History students working at the Tubman Institute on illegal slave trading and slavery topics in Portugal's African colonies c.1836-1914, to archives in Lisbon (Portugal) and Benguela (Angola) and to allow them to present the results of their research at international workshops in Lisbon and Benguela. It also involves collaboration with the Centro de Estudos Africanos at the Universidade do Porto in Portugal, the Universidade de Brasília in Brazil and the Universidade Katyavala Bwila in Angola.

In short, it offers our graduate students real research experience overseas in a directed and supervised environment, as well as training and intellectual collaboration in searching out and identifying materials relevant to the history of Angola, Mozambique, and São Tomé; it provides logistical support in "repatriating" materials on each of these countries back to Angola, Mozambique, and São Tomé; and presents workshops on two different continents that bring junior and more established specialists from different backgrounds together and expand institutional linkages across four continents.

The project is already well underway, and promises to bear rich fruits.
Many congratulations, José,