Postdoc # 8 for GHP -- Jarett Henderson at Mac

Dr. Jarett Henderson, who defended his doctoral dissertation in the Graduate History Program in September 2010, has won a two-year L. R. Wilson Postdoctoral Fellowship at McMaster University (joining GHP grad Dan Horner, the only other winner of this fellowship this year). Dr. Henderson will use his fellowship to publish his dissertation and work on a new project entitled "Convicts, Colonists, and the Colonial Office" that will explore the life histories of twenty-five men transported from Lower Canada to the British penal colony of Bermuda between 1828 and 1838. In addition to providing insight into the unstudied history of convict migration from Lower Canada to Bermuda, this project will seek to determine how colonists who became convicts in these two racially divided colonial societies negotiated their unfreedom in the Age of Liberty. Dr. Henderson's doctoral dissertation, entitled "Uncivil Subjects: Metropolitan Meddling, Conditional Loyalty, and Lord Durham's 1838 Administration of Lower Canada," was supervised by Bettina Bradbury.

Congratulations Dr. Jarett Henderson, and in patting ourselves on the back for the 8th postdoctoral fellowship that GHP students have won this year!