Congratulations to Tom Cohen on the appearance of Papal Justice

Department of History congratulates Tom Cohen on the appearance of his English translation/revised edition of Irene Fosi's Papal Justice: Subjects and Courts in the Papal State, 1500 - 1750 (Catholic University of America Press, 2011, xi + 272 pp.). For full details, see

Tom has explained that the book is not a literal translation of the original; it is more a consensual adaptation. He revised the book in complex ways to make it useful to North Americans, inserting a social historical perspective into a book at heart more institutional and legal, salting with gender history, feeding in Anglo-Saxon bibliography. As Tom puts it, 'The voice itself, in the finished product, is very distinct, very Cohen, all the while it is also utterly Fosi."

On behalf of the Department, Tom, many congratulations. With all the current interest in the Borgias, this book might have a wider audience than you had expected.