Marlene Shore promoted to Full Professor

President Shoukri has recently sent his letter to our colleague Marlene Shore informing her that he has with pleasure accepted the recommendations of the History Department's
Adjudicating Committee and the Senate Review Committee that she be promoted to the rank of Full Professor retroactively with effect from July 1, 2010.

In his letter President Shoukri comments on her reputation as a distinguished cultural historian; he also praises her skills as a generous teacher and mentor; he acknowledges the high regard in which she is held by her many graduate students (past and present); and he praises her administrative leadership within the Department, the University and externally as well.

This is wonderful news and no surprise to any of us in the Department. It has taken some time for the Department's enthusiastic decision to be approved at the various upper levels. Nonetheless, it is a moment to celebrate when everything is confirmed at the Presidential level. It is without question most richly deserved. On the Department's behalf,
Marlene, many congratulations.