Stephen Brooke promoted to the rank of Full Professor

Stephen Brooke has recently been informed by the President that he has accepted enthusiastically the unanimous recommendations of the History Department's Adjudicating Committee and the Senate Review Committee that he be promoted to the rank of Full Professor retroactively with effect from July 1, 2010. His file was replete with many fine assessments of the international significance of his scholarship in 20th c. British History, his teaching and his considerable service to the Department and beyond. This is wonderful news. It is, of course, no surprise to any of us in the Department, since we've all been fully aware for many years of Stephen's many accomplishments in scholarship, teaching and service. Nonetheless, it is a moment to celebrate when everything is confirmed at the Presidential level. Although it took so long for this official confirmation to come down from on high, it is without question very richly deserved. Many congratulations, Stephen.