Bettina Bradbury wins the FGS Teaching Award

Professor Bettina Bradbury, member of the Graduate History Program and the Graduate Program in Women's Studies, has won the Faculty of Graduate Studies Teaching Award.

Some of the excerpts from her letter of nomination are:

"We nominate Professor Bradbury because of the extraordinary vision, skill, commitment, and generosity that she has demonstrated in graduate teaching, supervision, and pedagogical development. Professor Bradbury was first appointed to the GHP and GPWS in 1993. Since that time she has served as the Director of the GHP, as well as a member of the Executive and numerous other committees, taught courses, and supervised many students. Her contributions have made her a central force in defining the program....

...the letters from students make clear that Professor Bradbury has made a profound impact on their scholarly, professional and personal lives. Students have deeply appreciated her empathy, understanding, and "humanness," as well as the encouragement she gives students "to challenge their fears and limits." One student eloquently expresses that "her dedication to my scholarly, professional and teaching development was the highlight of my time at York." She "inspires in her students a firm commitment to engaging in academic life with passion and integrity."

Colleagues have been grateful for Professor Bradbury's generosity in mentoring them to become excellent graduate teachers and in her devotion to graduate education. One faculty member explains that Professor Bradbury "works, in large ways and small, to make our graduate program an intellectually rigorous centre for historical analysis (the best in Canada, and one of the best in the world) and at the same time a warm, humane community. She sees these goals as related, and so her students and colleagues have learned much from her that these goals are not in conflict with one another."

Department of History congratulates Professor Bradbury on this wonderful achievement.