Congratulations on the 2nd Annual Undergraduate History Conference

Department of History congratulates you for the excellent 2nd Annual Undergraduate History conference ("Not What You Thought: Revisiting Old Myths in Historical Thinking") held yesterday in Founders College. The quality of the 14 papers was very high, the range was marvellous and they stimulated good debate and questions. Your choice of Prof. Tom Cohen to give the keynote was inspired. His talk on how to get published was memorable. The quality of the whole organization (logistics, programming, food) was first-rate. It was even more successful, dare I say, than last year's inaugural conference, which was in itself a most successful occasion. The UHSA is certainly building on a solid record of success here. The History Department, as I said yesterday in my opening remarks, is very pleased that the UHSA is so robust and active. It's great for the discipline of History at York. Long may that continue!

A number of pictures were being taken during the day's events. It would be great if someone (perhaps Garry as President) would take responsibility for gathering them together in one place and providing the Department with a copy. We'll post a selection of the images to the Departmental website.