General Education


Please review the LA&PS General Education Requirements before enrolling.

AP/HIST 1030 6.0A: Imperialism and Nationalism in Modern Asia

Course Director: J. Kim,706 Kaneff Tower, (416)736-2100 x30402,

Course Calendar Description: Through examining the broad contours of historical contact and focusing on a series of case studies concerning European imperialism and modern nationalism in Asia, this course introduces students to the primary, secondary, and tertiary sources that form colonial and postcolonial discourses. It also introduces to students historical debates that ground and shape international relations in and on Asia today. Note: LA&PS History majors and minors cannot take this course to satisfy the six credits required at the 1000-level in History for major or minor credit.

AP/HIST 1777 6.0A: Disasters and History: How Humans and Nature Make Disasters

(Crosslisted to: AP/ADMS 1777 6.00)

Course Director: E. Jones-Imhotep, 2164 Vari Hall, (416)736-2100 x30430,

Course Calendar Description: Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and droughts have the capacity to uproot and disrupt human lives. So too do financial crises, engineering failures, and disease outbreaks. Disasters are as much a product of culture as they are of nature. They are shaped by political, social, economic, and environmental context. This course uses historical perspectives to explore the reciprocal relationship between people and nature in the production of disasters.
Note: This is an approved LA&PS General Education course: Humanities