1000 Level Courses

AP/HIST 1010 6.0A: War, Revolution and Society in the 20th Century

Course Director: J. Stephen, 2162 Vari Hall, (416)736-2100 x66930, stephenj@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description:
A study of the major political and social upheavals which have helped to shape the contemporary world. The course will concentrate on the origins of the two World Wars and the Cold War, and on their consequences. Topics chosen for detailed examination will vary from year to year.

AP/HIST 1025 6.0A: Ancient North America From the Last Ice Age to European Contact (Online)

Course Director: C. Podruchny, 718 Kaneff Tower, carolynp@yorku.ca

Moodle will be used for the course.
Here is a link to the course trailer: https://youtu.be/CAR4CbXETKA
Here is a link to the instructor’s personal website: http://www.carolynpodruchny.ca/pages/

Special Features: This course is fully online, with lectures, threaded discussions, assignments, and exams all done online. It includes a variety of guest lectures from various experts in the field.

Course Calendar Description:
This course studies the history of Indigenous people in North America from “time immemorial” to the regular settlement of Europeans in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Using a wide variety of sources it ranges from Meso-America to the High Arctic, and examines theories of the peopling of the continent; hunting, fishing and gathering; and the rise of corn civilizations.

AP/HIST 1080 6.0A: Growing Up In North America

Course Director: M. Ladd-Taylor, 2136 Vari Hall, (416)736-2100 x30419, mltaylor@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description:
Examines what it meant to be young in different times and places in the United States and Canada, and explores the interplay of cultural and material circumstances that shaped ideas about childhood and children's actual lives.

AP/HIST 1083 6.0A: Mass Media and Popular Culture in the Americas: Music, Movies and Power

Course Director: A. Rubenstein, 818 Kaneff Tower, (416)736-2100 x66961, arubenst@yorku.ca

Course Calendar Description:
This course introduces the historical study of culture and culture industries in the Americas since 1820, analyzing how cultural change both created and was created by transformations in politics, economics, and societies. Course credit exclusions: None. Prior TO FALL 2009: Course credit exclusion: AS/HIST 1083 6.00.