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Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Expanded Course Descriptions


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AP/HIST 1025 - Ancient North America From the Last Ice Age to European Contact with Professor Carolyn Podruchny

AP/HIST 1100: Gladiators, Gods, Gigolos, and Goths: Reading Roman Society, c.200 BCE-c.500 CE with Professor Ben Kelly (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A GENERAL EDUCATION COURSE)

AP/HIST 2500 - Canadian History with Professor Sean Kheraj

AP/HIST 4085 - Digital History with Professor Sean Kheraj

AP/HIST 4460 - Themes in 19th Century British History

SUMMER 2017 Courses

AP/HIST 1086 6.00: Vice, Deviance, Bad Behaviour, and Social Control in North America since 1600 with Prof. Tom Hooper
AP/HIST 2721 3.00: Introduction to Latin American History with Prof. Alan Durston
AP/HIST 2731 3.00: Introduction to Caribbean History with Prof. David Trotman
AP/HIST 3130 6.00: The Roman Revolution with Prof. Ryan Wei
AP/HIST 3390 6.00: Europe Since 1870 with Prof. Alban Bargain
AP/HIST 3392 3.00: The Spanish Civil War with Course Director Matthew Poggi
AP/HIST 3400 6.00: Tudor and Stuart England: 1485 to 1714 with Prof. David Lawrence
AP/HIST 3581 6.00: Immigrant Experience in Canada with Prof. Colin McMahon
AP/HIST 3645 3.00: Post-World War II U.S. Political Movements with Prof. Joseph Tohill
AP/HIST 3691 3.00: America's Cold War with Prof. William Gleberzon
AP/HIST 3775 3.00: History of Hong Kong with Prof. Chin Lim
AP/HIST 3874 3.00: History of Food in the Americas, 1500-2000 with Prof. James Cypher
AP/HIST 4082 6.0: Re-Framing the Past: Films as History with Prof. David Cousins
AP/HIST 4520 6.0: M├ętis History in North America: From the Ethnogenesis of a New People in the 17th-Century Fur Trade to their Fight for Rights in the 21st Century with Prof. Victoria Freeman